Bahamut is the platinum dragon

Bahamut is the platinum dragon, the king of good dragons, and the god of the north wind is weak. His mark is the star on the Milky Way nebula, living in heaven. Bahamut is a kind dragon family who keeps order

He is a good dragon, a representative of wind and wisdom. A good dragon, anyone who seeks to resist the dragon and needs protection, will receive his protection

Bahamut is revered in many places. Although all good dragons paid homage to Bahamut, Golden Dragon, Silver Dragon and Bronze Dragon gave him special respect. Other dragons – even evil dragons (except perhaps his arch rival Tiamat) – respect Bahamut for his wisdom and strength.

In its natural form, Bahamut is a serpentine dragon covered with silvery white scales that shine even in the darkest light. Some people say that Bahamut’s cat like eyes are dark blue, as blue as the sky in midsummer. Others insist that Bahamut’s eyes are cream blue, like the center of the glacier. Perhaps these two statements only reflect the mood changes of Platinum Dragon.

Bahamut is steadfast and strongly disapproves of evil. He does not tolerate excuses for evil behavior. Nevertheless, he is still one of the most compassionate beings in the multiverse. He has unlimited sympathy for the oppressed, expelled, and helpless. He called on his followers to promote a kind cause, but preferred to let creatures fight on their own when they could. For Bahamut, it is better to provide information, medical care or (temporary) safe haven than to bear the burden of others.

Seven ancient golden dragons who often accompany Bahamut serve him.

Bahamut only accepts good priests. Bahamut’s priests – dragons, half dragons or other creatures attracted by Bahamut’s philosophy – are committed to lasting but subtle actions in the name of goodness, intervening in any place where they are needed but trying to do as little harm as possible in the process.

Many golden dragons, silver dragons and bronze dragons maintain simple shrines of Bahamut in their nests, and there is usually nothing more complicated than the Bahamut emblem carved on the wall.

Bahamut’s main enemy is Tiamat, and this hostility is reflected in their admirers. His allies include Horonis, Moradin, Yodala, and other obedient and kind gods.

At the beginning of the game, it was shortly after the end of the world war known as the ‘End of War’ that peace was restored to the mainland and reconstruction work began in various cities. But it is still inevitable for countries to engage in infighting for economic and political interests. Small scale bloody conflicts still occur in remote areas or border areas of various countries. Behind the seemingly legitimate trade and exchanges, each country has its own secret operations and conspiracies, so the use of spies and spies has also become one of the diplomatic means.

The major dragon patterned families and powerful churches, criminal groups, monster bandits, psychic spies, wizarding schools, secret groups, and others who controlled the socio-economic situation actively sought their own interests during this post war recovery period.

Abram is also a world full of adventure. From the oppressive jungle to the vast ruins, from the towering fortress to the cursed mountains and valleys of the Devil’s Wasteland, Abram is a world full of dynamism and adventure.

Players start from the initial adventurers and continue to grow, trekking throughout the world to experience different exotic customs, composing their own heroic chapter. The widespread use of magical transportation tools enables heroes to travel further in adventures, while also facing more diverse monsters and challenges. Numerous classic monsters from Dragons and Dungeons, as well as various unique creatures from the world of Ebron, will appear in front of players.

In this continent full of magic and mystery, in this vast and profound world, you will be taken into countless adventure stories and personally interpret their endings, relying on courage and wisdom to defeat powerful enemies and achieve the ultimate success of difficult challenges.

Post time: Jul-13-2023