Metal resin D20 dragon dice (single grain)

Main features:

1. Unique design, adding resin to a hollow D20 dice, wrapping it with resin, and presenting the font and dragon inside for easy identification.

Each surface has been treated to indicate smoothness and transparency, with a total length of 40mm and a weight of 120g per piece. The hollow dice are also made of pure copper material, and the appearance after being filled with resin is quite beautiful.

As the most important one, D20 is used for most “success rate tests”, and there are many styles available, some dragon inside, while others have an outer surface. Various electroplating colors make D20 more vibrant.

2. It is easy to distinguish the font. Due to the oversized dice, the font and pattern may change. Although they are larger and heavier than regular dice, the solid D20 does not appear bulky when rolled.

3. The Nine Faced Dragon God Io is neutral and also the Dragon of Harmony, the Nine Faced Dragon God. Because he encompasses all aspects of his lineup, he can appear as any dragon, from the smallest pseudo dragon to the largest Archaean dragon.

Io only cares about his “children” – dragons – and their continued existence in the world. In some cases, this means standing on the side of dragons against other races.

Aio may actually assist non dragons, otherwise it would jeopardize the sustainable survival of various dragon battles as a whole.

He would rather not participate in conflicts between dragons, but if there is a risk of escalating such conflicts, he may intervene (either personally, or by dispatching Asterina or some other servant).

4. Due to his broad and comprehensive views, Io’s priests or shrines are even fewer than most other dragon gods.

However, even the most loyal priests of Bahamut, Tiamat or any other dragon god have at least a little respect for the nine faced dragon god.

He also occasionally finds priests or mentors among reptilian races such as kobold and battle lizard.

Io does not see any other faith as his enemy, he understands the value of a neutral perspective. Even those very different factions can find a common cause under the banner of the Nine Dragon Gods.
These smooth and beautiful metal resin dice can make everyone more happy in the game.

On the outer packaging, there will be an iron box or paper box for storage to avoid being covered with dust during breaks.

Kind reminder:

1. Due to the heavy weight of this dice, it is important to handle it gently during play to avoid leaving marks on the table.

2. If a child wants to play, please have an adult supervise beside them to avoid hitting the child.

Post time: Jul-13-2023