Dragon and Dungeon

Dragon and Dungeon was originally born as a role-playing board game. Their inspiration comes from chess games, myths, various legends, novels, and more.

The entire world of Dungeons and Dragons has a large number of complex and precise systems, with its own worldview settings, and the direction and outcome of each game may be different.

Generally, a city lord (known as DM) prepares maps, storylines, and monsters, while describing the story and the player’s experiences in the game. The player plays a role in the game and drives the game forward through various choices.

The characters in the game have many attributes and skills, and these attribute values and skills affect the direction and outcome of the game. The determination of numerical values is handed over to the dice, which range from 4 to 20 sides,

This set of rules has created an unprecedented gaming world for players, where any element you want can be found and anything you want can be done here, just by constantly using dice to make judgments.

While Dragon and Dungeon established a game system, its greater contribution was to establish a basic Western fantasy worldview.

Elves, gnomes, dwarves, swords and magic, ice and fire, darkness and light, kindness and evil… These names that you are familiar with in today’s Western fantasy games are mostly determined from the beginning of “Dragon and Dungeon”.

There are almost no Western fantasy RPG games that do not use the Dungeons and Dragons worldview, as it is an existing and reasonable worldview.

Almost no orc in the game has an initial agility higher than an elf, and almost no dwarf in the game is not a skilled craftsman. The numerical systems and combat systems of these games are vastly different from the rules of Dungeons and Dragons, and there are fewer and fewer games that still use dice to make numerical judgments. Instead, they are replaced by increasingly complex and refined numerical systems.

The evolution of numerical systems and rules has become a hallmark of the evolution of Western magical RPG games, but no one can make significant changes to the worldview of “Dungeons and Dragons”, almost always following the original settings.

What exactly is’ Dragon and Dungeon ‘? Is he a set of rules? A set of worldviews? A set of settings? It seems that none of them are. He covers too much content, it’s difficult for you to summarize what he is in just one word.

He is the messenger of Io, handing over the giant brass dragon that likes to disrupt the status quo.

Esterina is full of imagination and quick thinking. She encourages her followers to think independently rather than relying on others’ words. In Asterina’s eyes, the biggest crime was not trusting herself and her own strategies.

The priests of Esterina are usually dragons disguised as travelers or wanderers on secret journeys. The temple of this goddess is extremely rare, but the simple holy land is also a scenery. Quiet and hidden. Adopters can rest peacefully in the holy land during their journey.

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