3D Dragon Thorn Spike Metal Dice Set

If you are looking for a good new set of dice, this cool metal dice dragon set has a pure copper frame, including D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20

The top feeling and appearance may be a good choice.

Main features:

1. Unique design diamond spike metal dice set: metal dice, accurately etched with contrasting color numerals on the dice surface and diamond

Spikes on each pivot point. The spikes on each point seem to have been worn by repeated use, which is a very good finishing touch. have

Have you heard old players joke that d4 is a water chestnut? (Small sharp metal damage devices scattered on the ground are used to harm intruders and/or obstruct vehicles.)

The dice heard the joke and said, "Accept the challenge.".

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2. Easy to read: These metal dice have clear and easy to read numbers. They look a little dirty, as if they have seen more games than you

It's hard to impress.

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3. Solid and rolling well: weight: 120g. These gorgeous metal dice are so cute! They roll randomly. They're not heavy

Obviously, the hollow dragon dice are more suitable for rotation, so there is no suspicious change afterwards. When rolling, it makes a wonderful cluck sound and shines a little evil luster to make it reasonable

Be afraid of everything you oppose. Put these on your game table, or at least scare the players when you pull them out to play "that" monster

We also have a dustproof micro iron box, which can be effectively protected. If it is full of dust, he will be sad~

The DND RPG MTG and resin dice we see on the market are all 100% handmade. The materials are also carefully selected. Different materials have different costs,

The production time will also become longer. Through our unremitting efforts, we have rushed out of the market and come to the international market. Our team will bring you better products.

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Post time: Dec-02-2022