Chain Dragon Cobalt Nickel (OPP or iron box)

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In the shadow of the legendary White Feather Mountains, there is a gloomy land, a place full of gnarled trees, white bones and wandering hungry ghosts.
The filth that has polluted the area originates from the nest of an abominable creature whose name can frighten even the most fearless hero.

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Details: The chain dragon cobalt nickel is made of brass by barrel plating. After improvement, the font and appearance have been changed as a whole.

With the outbreak of the epidemic, games have become a part of our lives. We will work hard to make players have a more real experience.
Games can bring us fun, but also make the family more harmonious and eliminate the fatigue of the day.

Zhuogosa is a perfect fusion of dragons and undead.
Zhuogosa was so famous that he gathered many misguided cultists who built temples in the ruins of his territory.
As the Undead Dragon rarely used live servants, the lasting service of these inefficient servants was rewarded with the curse of the undead.

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Many years ago, Zhuogosa was the famous spouse of Tiamat, a powerful red dragon chosen for its strength, cunning and firm loyalty to its mistress.
His devotion to his duties and sincere love for the goddess kept him from her anger much longer than any other spouse of Tiamate.
However, due to the indulgence of the Dark Lady to Zhuogosa, he was unprepared for the ambitious dragon who longed for his superior position.
In the long years, he faced many dragons who wanted to climb up, each stronger than the previous one.

The fall of Zhuogosa came from the challenge of a vicious dragon.
He treated this arrogant fellow like other dragons - tore his throat and ate his heart.
What Zhuogosa did not know was that his opponent was the son of Tiamat. The death of the dragon angered his mistress.
Aware of the death before his eyes, Zhuogosa escaped from the divine country of Tiamat to seek refuge in the mortal world.
Even though he was far away from the cruel claws of his former lover, he knew that her servants would find him - and kill him when they found him.

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After this final betrayal, Zhuogosa retreated to a hidden cave, polluting the surrounding land.
This huge monster has been storing treasure in bottomless depths recently, and rarely leaves.
It is said that when adventurers invaded the dungeon of the White Feather Mountains, the dragon witch demon was once led out of its lair;
When the evil cultists in Kevos tried to make the dead priest a god, he was led out of the lair again.

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