Metal hollow dragon board game dice

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Venue: Guangdong, China

Model M-2

Weight: 120g

Metal dragon dice (OPP bag)

Set: D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20

Material: brass

Color: retro gold

Use: Dragon and Dungeon, Warhammer

Packaging: OPP bag or iron box

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The metal internal dragon is our latest online excellent style, and the newly changed font will become easier to identify, which is also obvious, I also hope to get your love.

His appearance has also been changed in some aspects, which can make him more beautiful when turning.
At the same time, his voice will also want to follow the moving melody with music.

This dice is made of brass and has a dragon design on its appearance.
The golden dragon is kind and orderly in the dragon group.
His movements are gentle and elegant, and his mind is flexible.
They hate all injustice and criminal acts and like to punish evil and promote good.

Metal dragon dice (OPP bag) (4)
Metal dragon dice (OPP bag) (5)
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In adulthood, the scales of the golden dragons become completely golden yellow.
Their faces have long beards, which makes them look knowledgeable.
Their pupils will fade with age, and eventually they will look like a lump of melted gold.
The golden dragons emit a mixed fragrance.

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Golden dragons can live anywhere.
Their nests are quite hidden, and they are all made of stone: either caves or castles.
The golden dragon usually has a group of loyal guards: animals suitable for the local environment, storm giants or cloud giants.
The giants often sign a defense agreement with the golden dragon.

Jinlong usually starts negotiations before starting a war.
They will use "detecting lies" when talking to intelligent creatures.
Once they fight, they will use "blessing" and "luck", as well as a lot of offensive and trapping spells.

About ShengYuan

Huizhou Shengyuan Resin Craft Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of metal dice, with design, drawing, mold making, stamping, polishing, die-casting, oil dripping
The assembly line for glue dropping, printing, packaging, etc. The company specializes in producing all kinds of copper, iron, steel, aluminum, zinc alloy and other materials.
Various styles, comfortable hand feel, clear numbers, customized processing, quick delivery from stock.

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