Eagle Snake Wolf Animal Dice

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Weight: 120g

Product colors: ancient nickel, ancient gold, ancient red copper, ancient bronze, silver purple, silver blue, silver green, silver red

Including: D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20

Material: Pure copper

Usage: desktop games, RPG

Packaging: OPP bag or customized

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Details: This dice is a combination of three giants: eagle, snake, and wolf, all of which are dominant creatures. Dices are made of pure copper and come in a variety of electroplated colors and styles, allowing for different combinations.

The weight of the dice set is only 120g and can be carried with you. The dice are hollow and roll much faster. When playing with friends at home, you can experience more fun.

There are many types of eagles, and eagles usually launch attacks from extremely high altitude and dive downwards towards their prey.
If the diving distance exceeds 100 feet, its speed will be twice the normal flight speed, and the eagle can only use its claws for attack.
Falcons are smaller, faster, and easier to drive than regular eagles. They are easier to train and therefore more favored by hunters than eagles.

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The World Serpent is a very ancient existence. During the Dawn War between the gods and the barren gods in the cross crystal wall system and plane, he was the leader of the gods in the late shadow era of the national celestial front. During this period, he defeated an ice god, an evil winter goddess, and a dark region evil god.

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Eagle Snake Wolf Animal Dice (6)
Eagle Snake Wolf Animal Dice (8)

Daragor is the bestial god of evil lycanthropes—werewolves and seawolves being his preferred creatures. This hateful god wanders the Lower Outer Planes, picking off whatever prey he can. He has enmity for all other deities of lycanthropes, and virtually everything else he comes across. Daragor is simply savage, bloodlusting, and elementally vicious.

About ShengYuan

Huizhou Shengyuan Resin Craft Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of metal dice, with design, drawing, mold making, stamping, polishing, die-casting, oil dripping
The assembly line for glue dropping, printing, packaging, etc. The company specializes in producing all kinds of copper, iron, steel, aluminum, zinc alloy and other materials.
We can also produce according to the customer's model, ensure good quality, bear responsibility for quality, and have many years of industry experience.
Various styles, comfortable hand feel, clear numbers, customized processing, quick delivery from stock.
Private customization, size customization, appearance customization, material customization, style customization, we have no problem in choosing, and we can customize professionally.
Small and portable, angular design.

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